Broken Wand: Tom Mullica

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    2. Broken Wand - Tom Mullica
    Facebook message from Dal Sanders (US)

    I have just received confirmation that Tom Mullica has passed away after being removed from life support.

    Tom Mullica was the most unique magician I ever met. He was incredibly funny and was an expert with a deck of cards. I saw him often at The Tom-Foolery in Atlanta and many times after that. When I started working in comedy clubs in the 80s he gave me great advice..."be original and don't worry about how many tricks you do." That made me laugh. I often saw him do just four actual tricks in a 90 minute show. The rest was just Tom having fun with the audience.

    I was in the club the night that Red Skelton walked in. Red watched the entire show and immediately after the show everyone was ushered out. I knew how much Red meant to Tom...everyone who ever watched the show knew that Tom Mullica was Red's biggest fan. I told them that I just wanted to be a fly on the wall and watch them talk. The manager told me "we all want to watch, but this is Tom's time". Right now I imagine them both sitting side by side and Red putting his arm around Tom's shoulder and telling him "Thanks for done good".
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    Bijzondere man en magician. Ik bewonderde hem om zijn timing, zijn sigaretten act, praten humor en ook om zijn chop cup routine die ik een aantal keren heb mogen zien.
    Jaren later heb ik die geblutste chop cup via een beurs kunnen kopen omdat hij gestopt was.
    Begreep dat hij the art weer had opgepakt.
    Iemand om nooit meer te vergeten.

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