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  1. Mario Tamboer

    Mario Tamboer Goochelaar

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    1 jan 1970
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    It is with heavy hearts that we, friends of Eugene Burger, inform you that Eugene has passed away in Chicago at the age of 78. Eugene enjoyed a long, healthy life, but was very recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Even so, his death today came more quickly than expected, and we are deeply shocked and saddened by his loss.

    We know that in the days, weeks, and months ahead, countless things will be written and said about Eugene, and we will share more information, too. But for now we want to tell you that Eugene embraced his situation with great clarity, humor, and peace of mind. As he said one day, "Now I am on the way to the ultimate capital M Mystery of life."

    Please join us in remembering and celebrating Eugene, a rare and wonderful person who has meant so much to us and to magicians all over the world.

    Please share. eugene burger.jpg
  2. Jack

    Jack Goochelaar

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    16 jun 2003
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    Voor mij het grootste voorbeeld van Story-telling-magic... De man kon prachtige verhalen vertellen met de meest boeiende stem en mimiek. R.I.P.

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